KR-DAON (Digital Application Online Network)

KR-DAON is the digital service integration platform of Korean Register. It provides a one-stop solution for customers to access KR's and maritime industry's digital services quickly and easily, promoting KR-centric digital service ecosystem development.

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Digital News


KR Launches Enhanced Version of its Digital Database of IMO Instruments - KR-CON

Apr 12, 2024

KR Launches Enhanced Version of its Digital Database of IMO Instruments - KR-CON KR has unveiled the latest edition, version 22, of KR-CON, a comprehensive digital database encompassing nearly all the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) instruments. Since its initial release in 2000, KR-CON has gained widespread adoption among maritime industry professionals and governments globally, earning acclaim for its user-friendly design.The 22nd version of KR-CON introduces significant improvements to further elevate user experience in response to user feedback, addressing previous issues including mobile login errors. In line with environmental responsibility, the new version incorporates eco-friendly measures, such as the use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper and soy ink in the production of its packaging and promotional brochures. These initiatives represent KR’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the mitigation of the climate crisis.LEE Jungkun, General Manager of KR’s Convention & Legislation Service Team, remarked, "With version 22, we’ve focused on enhancing user experience and promoting environmental sustainability. We're also planning to integrate AI technology later this year to improve functionality, enabling faster and more efficient information retrieval."The latest edition of KR-CON includes updates such as amendments to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), adopted in the 107th Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) and the 80th Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) sessions, along with resolutions from the IMO's 33rd Assembly in 2023. The database will continue to be regularly updated with new documents following their adoption.KR-CON is now accessible via various platforms including a website, a mobile application, USB, and web installation version. It offers a wealth of resources such as IMO instruments, codes, resolutions, and circulars, available in both Korean and English. For further information on the 22nd version of KR-CON, please visit the KR website ( and the KR-CON webpage ( < Photos of KR-CON(USB)> ENDS


KR unveils new digital service platforms, KR-DAON and Nexawave, in conjunction with the launch of its enhanced fleet management system, KR e-Fleet V3

Apr 11, 2024

KR unveils new digital service platforms, KR-DAON and Nexawave, in conjunction with the launch of its enhanced fleet management system, KR e-Fleet V3 KR has released two groundbreaking digital platforms, KR-DAON (Digital Application Online Network) and Nexawave, alongside the launch of its enhanced fleet management system, KR e-Fleet V3. These latest innovations represent KR's commitment to pioneering digital transformation in the maritime industry. The KR e-Fleet V3, an upgraded version of the existing fleet management system, focuses on enhancing operational efficiency through increased speed and simplification. It features an integrated vessel status display with survey and audit information, a new Thickness Measurement (TM) menu for tracking hull corrosion, and PSC Guidance with VR technology (KR-Real360) to assist in customer responses. Available for download on KR's website, Google Play, and the App Store, this new system promises to significantly streamline fleet management processes. In parallel, KR is launching KR-DAON and Nexawave, two digital platforms set to transform customer experience in the maritime sector. KR-DAON serves as a one-stop hub for all of KR's digital services, offering easy access to a suite of tools including the KR e-Fleet (KR’s fleet management system), KR-CON (KR’s comprehensive digital database of IMO documents), KE-GEARs (KR’s GHG data management system), and e-MESIS systems (KR’s equipment inspection and approval system). This platform allows users to customize their digital space for maximum convenience and explore a curated selection of apps from KR’s partner companies. Nexawave, a data exchange platform, ensures seamless integration of KR's data with customer systems, focusing on survey, audit, and GHG verification information. Both KR-DAON and Nexawave underscore KR’s dedication to providing comprehensive digital solutions for the maritime industry. LEE Hyungchul, the Chairman and CEO of KR, emphasized the importance of these launches: "The introduction of KR e-Fleet V3, KR-DAON, and Nexawave demonstrates our unwavering commitment to enhancing customer convenience and operational efficiency. By actively incorporating user feedback and developing state-of-the-art digital solutions, KR continues to evolve as a leading classification society in the maritime industry." These launches mark a significant milestone in KR's journey towards digital excellence. By offering an array of integrated digital solutions, KR reaffirms its role as a catalyst for innovation in the maritime sector. Explore these innovative solutions today. Visit KR-DAON at, Nexawave at, and download KR e-Fleet V3 from the KR website, Google Play, or the App Store.ENDS △ Screen capture of KR-DAON △ Screen capture of Nexawave△ Screen capture of KR e-Fleet V3


KR teams up with HD Hyundai to develop XR-based ship education and training program

Jan 24, 2024

KR teams up with HD Hyundai to develop XR-based ship education and training program KR, HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE), HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HD HHI), and HD Hyundai Marine Solution (HD HMS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop a ship education and training program based on extended reality (XR) at HD HHI’s Digital Convergence Center (DCC) in Ulsan, South Korea.The companies have agreed to establish a virtual reality representation of ships based on 360-degree footage of actual vessels and 3D CAD models. They will also develop ship trial content to enhance crew education and training services utilizing this technology.HD KSOE plans to develop advanced maritime training content in collaboration with HD HHI by integrating its own digital twin solution, HiDTS, with KR’s ship familiarization education and training platform, KR-Real 360. Additionally, HD HMS is slated to provide the training content.KWON Byounghun, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital Research Lab at HD KSOE, expressed his expectations about the technology, saying: “Through the realistic ship education and training system developed in this collaborative effort, customers will be able to respond quickly to changes in onboard operating systems, such as digitalization and decarbonization.”KIM Daeheon, Executive Vice President of KR’s R&D Division commented:“It is meaningful for us to develop a solution applicable to shipyards and shipping companies, leveraging KR's capabilities in XR technology and HD Hyundai's expertise in ship designing and verification. We will further enhance our technical support for customers, enabling the proactive utilization of the latest digital technologies.”


KR launches XR-based ship familiarization solution, KR-Real360

Nov 07, 2023

KR launches XR-based ship familiarization solution, KR-Real360KR has officially launched “KR-Real360,” a 360-degree XR (eXtended Reality)-based ship education and training program that has revolutionized ship familiarization training methods.KR-Real360 has been developed to provide users with the educational information necessary for ship operation and maintenance using the latest XR technology. Users can effortlessly locate educational resources, such as operation manuals, survey data, and checklists, available in diverse formats including images, text, PDFs, and videos within the ship's virtual reality environment, crafted using 360-degree panoramic images.In addition, other convenient functions such as ship touring, XR-drawing matching, customized route setting and TTS(Text To Speech), which converts text to voice, are included, and they can be easily customized according to users’ convenience and preference.With the rapid pace of digitalization and decarbonization in the maritime sector, there is an increasing need for familiarizationtraining to keep pace with the constantly evolving onboard operation systems. It is expected that KR-Real 360 will be a useful tool to respond quickly to changes while significantly complementing the traditional ship education and training system.KIM Daeheon, Executive Vice President of KR’s R&D division, commented, “We tried to make KR-Real360 more real and vivid by showing the realistic appearance of ships. KR will work to provide the best technical support to assist the maritime industry in applying the latest technologies promptly in line with the digitalization and decarbonization trends.”Information on KR-Real360 can be found on the KR SeaTrust website (


KR-CON v.21: Updated Solution for Finding and Accessing the Latest IMO Regulations

Apr 04, 2023

KR-CON v.21: Updated Solution for Finding and Accessing the Latest IMO Regulations Korean Register (KR) has released the latest updated version of KR-CON (v.21), its comprehensive digital database of almost all the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) instruments. With continued success since its launch in 2000, KR-CON has been regularly updated to ensure that the database program contains the latest IMO instruments. Users can easily access the IMO documents in the program, and quickly find relevant regulations for a specific vessel. This is one of the reasons why the program has been particularly valued and widely used by flag administrations and maritime companies worldwide. In the 21st version of KR-CON, the user interface (UI) design of the mobile application and the icon design of the KR-CON website have changed to improve customers’ understanding of the functions in the program.Additionally, a new function has been added that allows the user to easily locate previously downloaded PDF files by maintaining a download history within the mobile application.LEE Jungkun, the General Manager of KR's Convention and Legislation Service Team said, “We have reorganized the UI of the 21st version of KR-CON to make the user environment more intuitive and improve user convenience. We will continuously work to advance the program to meet customers’ needs and requirements, and make it even more user-friendly.”The new KR-CON includes the contents of the 32nd Assembly of the IMO held in 2021 and 2022,as well as the amendments of SOLAS and MARPOL adopted by the 106th Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) and the 78th Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC).The database will be continuously updated to reflect any revised documents adopted in the future.KR-CON is available via the website, mobile application, USB and a web installation version for offline use. Further details can be found on KR’s main website ( and KR-CON website (


KR signs MOU with Microsoft Korea to Collaborate on Digital Transformation

Mar 30, 2023

KR signs MOU with Microsoft Korea to Collaborate on Digital TransformationLEE Hyungchul, KR Chairman and CEO (left) and LEE Jieun, Microsoft Korea CEO (right) at the MOU signing ceremonyKorean Register (KR) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Microsoft Korea on 28 March to collaborate on digital transformation and enhance their technological capabilities, with the aim of leading the digital transformation of the shipbuilding and maritime industry by leveraging fourth industrial revolution technologies. Through this partnership, a joint working group between the two companies will be established to collaborate on digital transformation projects. It will focus on Cloud Conversion technology, artificial intelligence (AI) technology development, and digital workplace platform upgrades based on Microsoft Azure.Microsoft's Azure cloud is one of the most widely used cloud providers in the industry, with 95% of Fortune 500 companies implementing digital transformation initiatives using Azure. In Korea, Microsoft offers cloud services with high performance, fast speed, safety, and a high level of security.Currently, digital transformation through the application of fourth industrial revolution technology is recognized as a global hot topic across industries, and its necessity and demand are increasing. In line with this trend, the shipbuilding and maritime sector is actively applying cloud and AI technologies to achieve autonomous operations and improve ship safety.KR has proactively pursued ‘digital and green’ initiatives in recent years to become a ‘leading digital classification society’. Through the new partnership, KR will be able to provide digital survey services with AI and stable infrastructure to KR customers.“We plan to implement cloud technology in our system and introduce innovation in our offices by activating digital workplaces to improve productivity and create a flexible work environment. KR also plans to develop AI technology to actively respond to the global market competition in the maritime industry,” said LEE Hyungchul, KR Chairman & CEO.“By collaborating with Microsoft Korea, we will lead the digital transformation of the shipbuilding and marine industries together,” he added."We have led innovative changes in various industries in Korea through Microsoft's global technological competitiveness, cloud Azure-based artificial intelligence technology, and modern workplace services," said LEE Jieun, CEO of Microsoft Korea."We will fully support KR to lead digital innovation in the industry through cooperation,” she added.


New KR GEARs, Updated with Real-time CII Monitor, CII Simulator and ETS Calculator, Enables Easier and Faster CII Rating Prediction

Feb 27, 2023

New KR GEARs, Updated with Real-time CII Monitor, CII Simulator and ETS Calculator, Enables Easier and Faster CII Rating Prediction The newly upgraded GHG Emission Authentic Reporting system (KR GEARs) enables maritime stakeholders to more easily ensure compliance with greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations in a shorter period.Launched by Korean Register (KR) in 2019, KR GEARs has been supporting shipping companies and operators to efficiently manage their fleet's GHG emissions data and remain compliant with tightening GHG regulations. Updated key features include a new real-time CII monitor, CII simulator, ETS calculator and advanced SEEMP Part III & CII, EU/UK MRV services.At a seminar jointly organized by KR and Korea Shipowners’ Association and supported by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries on 9 February, the newly upgraded features of KR GEARs were presented to maritime stakeholders in Korea.Previous KR GEARs could calculate the CII rating based on approved DCS data. However, the new CII Monitor uses real-time operational data, allowing the CII rating to be derived and managed in real-time.A new CII Simulator feature automatically calculates and predicts the ships’ CO2 emissions and CII reduction effects, allowing shipping companies to manage their fleets more flexibly. Scenarios and reports are generated as each condition is selected, such as sailing speed, fuel type, operational measures and installation of energy-saving devices.Another highlighted new feature of KR GEARs is the Emissions Trading System (ETS) Calculator. Users can predict the ETS costs by simply entering vessel information and ETS unit price. KR plans to expand the service in the near future by integrating carbon spot and futures market information into the system to easily calculate estimated ETS costs in real-time.KIM Daeheon, Executive Vice President of KR R&D Division said:"The new upgrade of KR GEARs will enable our customers to respond quickly and flexibly to ensure compliance of their existing vessels. We will continue our efforts to advance our technologies to support the decarbonization of the maritime industry."Beginning on 1 January this year, the CII framework regulates the operational carbon intensity of a vessel and how efficiently a ship operates at sea. Vessels are given a rating based on the grams of CO2 emitted per cargo-carrying capacity and nautical mile.More information of KR GEARs can be found from its official website ( and KR website( The image shows the official KR GEARs website.


KR Unveils Port State Control Mobile App ‘KR PSC ADVISER’

Jan 04, 2023

KR Unveils Port State Control Mobile App ‘KR PSC ADVISER’ With the start of the new year, Korean Register (KR) has launched the 'KR PSC ADVISER' mobile app to help customers prepare for Port State Control (PSC) inspections. The new service is designed to reduce the risk of PSC detentions by providing the latest PSC information in real-time and allowing seafarers to easily keep abreast of PSC checklists with a single app.Aiming to prevent maritime accidents and protect the marine environment, a PSC inspection is the regulatory procedure that ensures foreign ships and their equipment entering national ports comply with international conventions.Currently, over 150 countries around the world are systematically implementing the procedure, so shipowners and operators entering foreign ports need to be well-prepared for inspection.As part of its commitment to help its customers prepare for PSC inspections, KR regularly hosts PSC seminars and provides customers with PSC information on its website and official documents. With the launch of this new app, KR expects its PSC services to be more accessible to its customers.The newly released KR PSC ADVISER maximizes user convenience by displaying the world map as the main screen, allowing users to check the major PSC deficiencies in each region, port by port. Users can search for each deficiency with a keyword by using its Word Search function. By informing users of the three most frequent deficiencies at each port, the app helps users avoid being detained by the PSC.YOON Boogeun, Executive Vice President of KR Survey Division said:“As a digital classification society, we have been focusing on advancing our services by establishing an Integrated Survey Center (ISC) and implementing electronic certificate issuance services. The newly launched app was developed to enhance customer convenience and accessibility, and we will continue to do our best to further enhance KR's services.” KR PSC ADVISER mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.